Organizational Behavior, 5th Edition
Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University
C. Chet Miller, University of Houston
Adrienne Colella, Tulane University

November 2017, ©2018

Organizational Behavior Fifth Edition helps students understand the impact of effective management of people, teams and groups on organizational performance. Through this strategic framework, the authors illustrate organizational behavior as critical to implementing strategy, gaining competitive advantages, and ensuring positive organizational results.  The 4th Edition includes the latest research and literature pertaining to pressing topics like global contexts, motivation and leadership. With features that offer managerial advice, highlight strategic initiatives and provide opportunities for self-assessment and analysis, the text encourages students to understand the value of OB to organizational success and to their future careers.

Exploring Management, 6th Edition
John R. Schermerhorn, Ohio University
Daniel G. Bachrach, University of Alabama
October 2017 ©2018

Exploring Management supports teaching and learning of core management concepts by presenting material in a straight-forward, conversational style with a strong emphasis on application. With a focus on currency, high-interest examples and pedagogy that encourages critical thinking and personal reflection, this text is the perfect balance between what students need and what instructors want.


9780470530511.pdfManagement, 13th Edition
by John R. Schermerhorn, Jr
October 2010, ©2011
Hardcover, 656 pages

John Schermerhorn’s Management 11th edition is designed to help millennial students learn the core concepts, enhance career readiness, and see the relevance between management and the business world. Inspire today’s students to be good future managers by achieving the perfect balance of theory and practice in the principles of management course with John Schermerhorn’s Management 11e. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and managers.

We’ve got you covered with the most current and multifaceted resources like Management Weekly Updates, videos, cases, self-assessments, and student exercises that will make your principles of management course come alive, whether in class or online.


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