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ARTICLE SUMMARY: Disney created quite a stir in the entertainment industry by acquiring Marvel Entertainment. While some analysts contend that Disney overpaid, many believe the fit is good and Disney is poised to create plenty of value provided it can work out existing licensing agreements. Proponents of the deal see this as an opportunity for Disney to capture a new age demographic.


  1. How do the concepts mission and core values explain and support Disney’s acquisition of Marvel as a good strategic move?
  2. Which of the grand/master strategies does this acquisition represent?
  3. One concern stemming from the acquisition relates to pre-existing licensing agreements Marvel made with other entertainment companies. Examine the concept of co-opetition. What are some ways Disney could turn these agreements into opportunities?

SOURCE: E. Smith & L. A. E. Schuker, “Disney Nabs Marvel Heroes,” Wall Street Journal (Retrievable online at

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