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In July 2009, illegally obtained video footage of nationally-recognized sports reporter Erin Andrews surfaced on the internet. Andrews’ employer (ESPN) contacted the owners of the website and demanded removal of the video. The story became national press and reporters for the New York Post were banned from appearing on ESPN following publication of photographs taken from the video. ESPN encouraged Andrews to take time off from reporting. Prior to her return on September 3, Andrews taped an interview with Oprah Winfrey describing her ordeal.


  1. How would you describe Erin Andrews’ reaction to this event? What is the role of emotions and moods in this situation and what factors influenced this reaction? How might mood contagion come into play if Andrews continued working without taking a break?
  2. While all individuals experience stress to some degree, high-profile jobs can lead to additional stressors. What are the pros and cons of stress? How would you characterize the stress experienced by Andrews?
  3. What steps could ESPN (and other employers with high-profile positions) take to ensure the personal wellness of its employees?

SOURCE: Associated Press, “Andrews on Oprah: She Thought Her Career Was Over,” USA Today (Retrievable online at; for additional reference, see and

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