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Toledo-based Lott Industries employs developmentally-disabled workers to perform light assembly work. Most of their contracts are with the automotive industry. Lott workers excel, allowing employees to earn good incomes to support themselves and, sometimes, other family members. In fact, Lott was awarded the prestigious Q1 status (highest quality rating) by Ford. While the slumping economy has hurt the company, workers remain confident in their abilities and highly motivated.


  1. The jobs at Lott Industries fall under what basic job design approach? Typically, how motivating are these kinds of jobs? Why do Lott workers excel?
  2. Why are Lott workers so motivated (consider Robert Ertle’s insistence on going back to work right after surgeries)? Use Self-Efficacy Theory to explain how Lott Industries’ approach produces highly motivated workers.
  3. Would you utilize the Job Characteristics Model at Lott Industries? Why or why not?

SOURCE: C. Ansberry, “Haven for Disabled Workers Feels Job Market’s Sting,” Wall Street Journal (Retrievable online at

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