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Hailed as country music’s top recording duo for nearly two decades, Brooks & Dunn are ending their collaboration after a 2010 farewell tour. Coming together was the brainchild of Arista accountant Tim DuBois. The singers’ styles and personalities are quite different and, ultimately, these differences helped them know when it was time to end the partnership. The two leave on good terms and some industry experts predict that they will reunite in years to come.


  1. Look at the definitions for team and teamwork. In what ways do Brooks & Dunn meet these definitions?
  2. Consider how the duo of Brooks & Dunn moved through the stages of team development. Why does the adjourning stage matter and how are Brooks & Dunn handling this?
  3. How has cohesiveness influenced the team’s success and impending dissolution?

SOURCE: B. Mansfield, “You Can Call Brooks & Dunn Done & Done After Final Tour,” USA Today (Retrievable online at

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