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Payam Tabibian has been on the run all his life. After fleeing Iran with his family more than 25 years ago, the entrepreneur has been moving from one small business to the next throughout his business career. Tabibian worked in fast-food chains throughout school and is now developing his own hamburger chain using knowledge gained from a variety of restaurant experiences.


  1. In what ways does Payam Tabibian fit the profile of an entrepreneur? What personality traits and characteristics does he possess that are consistent with those of successful entrepreneurs?
  2. Do Tabibian’s ventures represent necessity-based entrepreneurship? Why or why not?
  3. The article describes Tabibian’s frequent entry into and exit from successful small businesses. Looking at the life cycles of entrepreneurial firms, what explanation(s) could you offer for this pattern of behavior?

SOURCE: T. Heath, “Burgers to Go, With Ambition on the Side,” Washington Post (Retrievable online at

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