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In a much celebrated public case of multiple indiscretions, superstar Tiger Woods has fallen out of favor with many. He temporarily suspended his golf career – although that appears likely to resume soon – lost several lucrative marketing contracts and briefly entered a rehabilitation facility. Now Woods is trying to salvage his public image, if not the relationship with his wife. The golfer put together a very tightly controlled “public” press conference to apologize to supporters and fans and offer some perspective on his life in recent days. The case highlights the importance of social capital and offers several opportunities to discuss communication following negative publicity.


  1. Think about the nature of the press conference (i.e., who set it up, how it operated). Evaluate the meeting in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. View the related video. Is the press conference a form of persuasive communication? Did it enhance Tiger Woods’ credibility?
  3. In terms of the message, was this an appropriate channel? Talk about the importance of channel richness here and alternate ways Woods could have conveyed the same message.

SOURCE: D. Everson & S. Vranica, “Woods Offers Tightly Scripted Apology,” Wall Street Journal (Retrievable online at

Related video clip:

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