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A unique piece on graffiti art provides an excellent opportunity to address two main topics combined in Chapter 15. In 1985, graffiti artist Robbo established his legend with a classic rendition in London’s Camden District. More recently, upstart and commercial graffiti artist Banksy painted over the piece. Although retired (from graffiti) for more than a decade, the slight was enough to bring Robbo back to life. The father of two and legitimate shoe repairman sprang into action and began altering a number of Banksy pieces in retaliation. Robbo vows to continue the public fight between his old-school style and Banksy’s street style of graffiti.


  1. Think about graffiti as a form of communication. Where does it stand in terms of channel richness? Aside from the attention this feud receives, how effective is graffiti as a form of communication?
  2. Characterize the type of conflict represented by the feud between Robbo and Banksy. What are its causes?
  3. What conflict management style is Robbo utilizing? Discuss some of the reasons that might lead to this choice. Is this likely to be an effective strategy?

SOURCE: G. Steinhauser, “A Game of Tag Breaks Out Between London’s Graffiti Elite,” Wall Street Journal (Retrievable online at

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