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One thing is certain (beyond death and taxes), if you sit through enough of them, sooner or later you learn to hate performance appraisals. The article contends that it is time to put an end to performance appraisals because they are hopelessly flawed. After outlining the problems inherent in this process, the author suggests it does not have to be this way.


  1. Your text identifies two main purposes for performance appraisal. Which purpose does the article contend is dominant? The fact that one purpose is served more often than the other is not a problem. What about the nature of how performance appraisal is conducted makes this a problem?
  2. Review the different performance appraisal methods. Considering what you learned, how does this support the article’s contention that performance appraisal is flawed? What method(s) what you use to overcome the problem identified in the article?
  3. Use compensation to form an argument for why performance appraisal should continue.

SOURCE: S. A. Culbert, “Yes, Everyone Really Does Hate Performance Reviews,” Wall Street Journal (Retrievable online at

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