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We typically think about control in terms of processes. However, control can apply to individual behavior by controlling (constraining) choices. In the case of Ivan Cantera, his mother’s choice of his high school left him in an environment with strict controls that ultimately ensured his success. For former girlfriend Laura Corro, the choice to go the standard route left her with little control and, now, little direction as to her future.


M1. Take the definition for control and apply it to the present situation. In other words, how does control work in the case of Ivan Cantera?

M2. What types of controls are utilized by Santa Fe South High School?

M3. What control mechanism (broad option and specific type) is in place at Santa Fe South? Can you argue that this type of mechanism might influence another control mechanism?

M4. Discuss how the differences in discipline systems at Santa Fe South and Capitol Hill lead to different results in terms of student performance.

    SOURCE: M. Jordan, “A Tale of Two Students,” Wall Street Journal (Retrievable online at

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