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A recent poll shows Americans are gaining confidence about economic recovery, but still harbor much anger toward politicians. Many indicate they would prefer to elect individuals without experience in Congress in order to break free from the status quo.


M1. Examine the Leader-Participation Model and the three rules for making decisions. How should these rules influence the way politicians vote? Are any of these rules contributing to how the public feels about politicians at the moment?

M2. One could argue that President Barack Obama swept into office on the strength of his vision and charisma. Yet dissatisfaction with politicians suggests that Congress is anything but transformational in terms of leadership. Discuss what our nation’s political leaders must do to be effective transformational leaders.

M3. Step out of the main portion of the chapter and review the Learning About Yourself feature on integrity. Does integrity have anything to do with the way Americans in general feel about politicians (as leaders)? How?

    SOURCE: S. Page, “Poll Finds Anger Over Country’s Leaders,” USA Today (Retrievable online at

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