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In another example of the viral effects of the internet, a passenger on board a Cebu Pacific Airlines flight recorded attendants dancing their way through the safety briefing. Millions of views generated tremendous publicity both for the fledgling airline and the Phillipines.


M1. Was this safety demonstration effective communication, efficient communication, both, or neither? [Note: if you have ever been on an airline flight, think about how much attention you give to these safety briefings.]

M2. Identify communication barriers present in the demonstration. Considering your response to the preceding topic question, would you recommend Cebu Pacific stop conducting the safety demonstration this way? Why or why not?

M3. How does the video clip and its popularity represent social capital for Cebu Pacific Airlines?

SOURCE: C. Batino & C. Yap, “Flight Attendants Dancing to Lady Gaga Good for Airline IPO,” USA Today (Retrievable online at

Related video clip available at:

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