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After living through near starvation for 17 days, 33 miners had to prepare for the rigors of their rescue. Dr. Jean Christophe Romagnoli developed a training routine utilizing an elastic band that would condition the miners’ muscles to avoid cramps and spasms during their ascent. Dr Romagnoli also monitored the miners’ health and suggested they alter their intake of fluids to overcome the grueling conditions in the mine.


1. Imagine being trapped one-half mile underground. What Big Five personality dimensions do you believe would be most important in surviving an ordeal like this for more than two months?

2. What role do activities such as exercise and clearing mine debris have on the miners’ emotions and moods?

3. Discuss the various stressors that exist for the miners. Do you consider these constructive, destructive, or both? Identify the elements of stress management/personal wellness offered to the trapped minters.

SOURCE: M. Moffett, “Chile Miners Work Out Before Rescue,” Wall Street Journal (Retrievable online at

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