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In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, relief money, workers, and equipment arrived from all over the world to assist Haiti. That included independent contractors like Randal Perkins of Florida who hoped to cash in on the need. Perkins has experience in natural disaster cleanup having been involved in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina. Yet he found himself helpless to do much with the government paralyzed in future planning and not present realities.


1. Based on what you read, did the Haitian government have a plan for cleanup? If yes, in what ways did they satisfy the basic elements of planning? If no, what should they be doing?

2. Due to world-wide interest and support for the relief effort, Haiti finds itself with plenty of money for reconstruction. However, money alone is not enough. Explain to Haitian government officials why good planning is necessary and its benefits.

3. The text discusses short- and long-range plans. In the context of Haiti, discuss why both are necessary.

SOURCE: D. Sontag, “Weary of Debris, Haiti Finally Sees Some Vanish,” New York Times (Retrievable online at

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