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The San Francisco Giants beat the defending National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies to claim the 2010 National League Pennant and the right to face the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Giants manager Bruce Bochy is back in the series for the first time since 1998 (when he managed the San Diego Padres). San Francisco is hoping to win its first world championship since the team moved out west in 1958.


1. Illustrate how Giants manager Bruce Bochy could use each of the bases of power. Which do you believe he relies most heavily upon?

2. Given what you read about Bochy, how would you characterize his leadership traits? Where would you place him on Blake and Mouton’s Leadership Grid?

3. Managers at this level really have very little influence on the game. While the article would definitely disagree, use a substitutes for leadership argument to support this statement.

SOURCE: J. McCauley, “Bochy’s Decisions a Big Reason SF Giants in Series,” San Francisco Chronicle (Retrievable online at

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