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Moe Stein is the second of three generations of Steins running Frank’s Sport Shop in Bronx, New York. Moe possesses a throwback style – a sharp wit and ready one-liners that he flings at any and all customers. In this day and age of big chain stores, Frank’s is nearing its 80th anniversary. Stein must be doing something right.


1. This one may be a challenge. Describe Moe Stein using the Big Five Personality Dimensions. Arguably, Mr. Stein has been a business success. How do you explain this in terms of the dimensions? Does he possess a dimension that should be inconsistent with success?

2. Does Moe Stein experience job satisfaction? What do you believe contributes to this?

3. Does Moe Stein have emotional intelligence? What would Moe’s son say? Analyze Stein in terms of the four EI competencies. Does the fact that Frank’s Sport Shop is located in the Bronx matter?

4. Discounting son Ronald’s comment, does Mr. Stein experience job stress? If so, what kind?

SOURCE: S. Dolnick, “A Full Stock of Fishing Rods and One-Liners,” New York Times (Retrievable online at

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