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The recent release of secret government documents on the website WikiLeaks highlights a serious problem of doing business in the Information Age – it is tough to maintain total control of company data when it exists in electronic form. What is more, information that is transmitted via computer networks is subject to interception. Even if that were not the case, disgruntled employees can easy transport company information to outsiders.


  1. We see in Chapter 1 that technology and ethics are key characteristics of working today. Talk about how these two factors intersect given what we learned through the WikiLeaks situation.
  2. Examine Figure 6.1. Three information flows are represented. Intelligence information flows outside in. Internal information represents the flow within an organization. Public information flows inside out. How might the WikiLeaks affair fundamentally change these flows of information?
  3. Many of the advantages of information technology are presented in the chapter. Change is a byproduct of the increased importance of technology. Discuss the pros and cons of storing information/decisions electronically versus in hard copy form (i.e., in a filing cabinet). How must IT functions be integrated into the overall management of a company?

SOURCE: J. Robertson, “Companies Beware: The Next Big Leak Could Be Yours,” USA Today (Retrievable online at

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