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Beginning with the new year, Marriott International is launching a sustainable seafood program called Future Fish. All Marriott hotels must purchase at least 50% of their seafood from certified sustainable vendors. A Marriott spokesperson says the move was driven partially by chefs and partially by customers that are concerned about green issues. The program means that Marriott will be changing its seafood menu, dropping some items it deems are not currently sustainable and adding new sustainable items, which may require educating customers.


  1. There is little question that Marriott’s sustainable seafood program reflects values. Whose values? Are the values represented terminal or instrumental? Can both be represented in this initiative?
  2. What ethical view is represented by Marriott’s decision to launch Future Fish?
  3. Make a case that Marriott’s move to sustainable fish is corporate social responsibility. Defend both sides of the definition.
  4. What type of social responsibility strategy is Marriott following?

SOURCE: B. DeLollis, “Marriott International Launches Sustainable Seafood Program,” USA Today (Retrievable online at

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