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Ken Mikalauskas spent 15 years working in the corporate world and never felt satisfied. He wanted more control. His first move was to leave the big city and then he eventually struck out on his own. He realized that being in business for himself was not without risks, but that he had to face those fears in order to be successful – and fulfilled.


  1. The article described Ken Mikalauskas as a “good worker but not a good employee.” What aspect of motivation is missing? What level of needs is represented by his desire to leave the corporate world and be in the driver’s seat?
  2. Now view the related video clip about DBB Canada. Aside from being “cool,” how does DBB’s office space contribute to worker motivation?
  3. Examine the critical psychological states of the Job Characteristics Model. While all three are important, which one is dominant in Ken’s current work arrangement?

SOURCE: N. N. Farooqi, “Office Worker Ditches Big Jobs, Big City,” Globe and Mail (Retrievable online at

Related video clip at:

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