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Until recently, the Calgary Flames were not considered a playoff contender. Shortly after Christmas, General Manager Darryl Sutter was relieved of duty and replaced by Jay Feaster. Suddenly, things began to change. The team is on an incredible winning streak and everyone, from the administrative offices on down, comments about what a different atmosphere exists within the organization.


  1. Darryl Sutter was described as an “old-school manager.” How would you describe him? From what little is reported, would you say his approach was classical or behavioral? Can you narrow it down any further?
  2. Review the research on employee attitudes and performance associated with the Hawthorne Studies. Compare and contrast this to what happened with the Flames in the last two months.
  3. What aspects of high-performance organizations do the Calgary Flames exhibit under the leadership of Mr. Feaster?

SOURCE: E. Duhatschek, “How the Flames Righted the Ship,” Globe and Mail (Retrievable online at

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