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When Evan Williams decided to walk away from an everyday role at Twitter last October, he easily could have faded into a comfortable life of retirement. Rather than do so, Mr. Williams is working on a new startup company. As his role began to change at Twitter, Williams realized the time was right to move on. He will remain involved at Twitter by serving on its board of directors.


  1. While Evan Williams acknowledges he will be spending far less time at Twitter, he is not retiring. Why can he not be satisfied with a comfortable retirement?
  2. Do a little internet research of your own. Find out what you can about Mr. Williams’ education and pre-entrepreneurial work experience. Discuss what you learned in relation to the characteristics of entrepreneurs presented in your text.
  3. Examine why small businesses fail and the life cycles of entrepreneurial firms. In what life cycle stage is Twitter? Why is now a good time for Mr. Williams to step aside and let others take control of the company?

SOURCE: M. Evans, “What Follows for Twitter’s Williams?” Globe and Mail (Retrievable online at

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