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Shawn Bravender is an avid cyclist and cycling is his preferred method of commuting. Naturally, riding a bike to and from work causes a few concerns (e.g., hygiene, appropriate business attire), so when Bravender’s employer gave him the task of figuring out how to make it work, he did. The move may become more common as companies consider the high costs of driving versus environmentally-friendly alternatives.


  1. Describe why the move to provide various facilities/accommodations for cyclists is strategic (and not just of the human resource variety) for Stantec, Inc.
  2. What are the organizational benefits, in terms of individual behavior, in providing accommodations for cyclists? Do the benefits justify the added costs?
  3. How do individual employees benefit from these accommodations?

SOURCE: D. Jermyn, “Companies Get Creative to Support Their Cyclists,” Globe and Mail (Retrievable online at

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