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We might as well jump on the royal bandwagon. But seriously, where else could the need for planning be more evident than with the event that took place on April 28, 2011 and what is to follow? No other monarchy in the world receives as much attention as the British royal family. In recent decades, that attention has been mostly negative. With the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, public opinion is trending in a positive direction. Yet the royal family has many issues with which to deal, the most important of which is succession, and planning on a level seen with the royal wedding will be necessary for the monarchy to succeed.


  1. Imagine that you are involved with public relations for the British royal family. Using the planning process, develop a general plan for monarchy’s future. How do you go about determining an appropriate objective for something as big as this? What future conditions do you project as being important for the House of Windsor?
  2. Examine the benefits of planning. Which, if any, of these might be important to the royal family? Why? Develop a list of priorities for the royal family. Obviously, the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton offers advantages, yet these will be short-lived if not properly managed. Identify the advantages. How would you capitalize upon them?
  3. What short- and long-range planning issues exist for the monarchy?
  4. [Appendix] The House of Windsor is the classic family business. One of the biggest questions looming for the monarchy is who will succeed Queen Elizabeth II. Is this a succession problem or simply an issue in need of a succession plan? No one could fault Prince Charles for wanting to be the next King of England. Should he defer and allow the title to pass to Prince William? Analyze and respond strictly from a business perspective. What issues do you believe are key to developing a succession plan for the royal family?

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