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More potential corruption in the world of international sports surfaced this week with charges that two top executives of the Federation Internationale de Football Association offered bribes to voting members. Mohamed bin Hamman is accused of offering to pay $40,000 each for as many 25 votes to become president of the governing body. Jack Warner is also accused of helping to arrange the bribes. The two, along with two other lesser officials, were suspended. Mr. bin Hamman countercharged that Joseph Blatter failed to report payments.


  1. Is it relevant to invoke ethics into an examination of these allegations? What might or might not make this case a question of ethical behavior?
  2. Given that this is an international ruling body, with membership from around the globe, how might differences in values relate to what has taken place? Are there cultural issues to consider?
  3. Is there any kind of ethical dilemma here? If so, what is it and for whom is there a dilemma?
  4. Obviously, word got out that bribes were offered. Why might one of the 25 voters report the offer rather than take the bribe? Use moral development as your explanation. Why might someone blow the whistle?
  5. Most likely, FIFA has some kind of code of ethics. Discuss how this is supposed to prevent unethical behavior and talk about why it did not work in this case.

SOURCE: J. Espinoza, “FIFA Suspends Two Official in Bribery Probe,” Wall Street Journal (Retrievable online at

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