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The annual World Wide Developer Conference is a much anticipated event because it has been the venue of choice for Steve Jobs to announce new offerings by Apple. However, this year’s event has been preceded by carefully timed “leaks” of information indicating that the new announcement by Jobs will relate to the launch of iCloud, a service providing remote access to media. The service will replace the dismal MobileMe.


  1. Does Apple need/have social capital? If so, with whom? How might the timing and location of product/service announcements influence social capital?
  2. From the standpoint of effective and efficient communication, discuss why Apple historically prefers to announce the launch of new products and services at the World Wide Developer Conference. Do you have any idea why Apple chose to make a pre-announcement?
  3. Steve Jobs will temporarily suspend his medical leave of absence to attend WWDC and make Apple’s product/service announcement. Why (i.e., why is it important for Mr. Jobs to make these announcements)?
  4. Discuss how beta testing, pre-announcements, and announcements to developers are consistent with the notion of feedback.

SOURCE: J. Berkow, “Launch of iCloud Seen as a Major Shift for Apple,” National Post (Retrievable online at

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