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Description: New dot com startup TaskRabbit seeks to provide safe, reliable help (for any circumstance) to customers in need of assistance.

Source: (Business Section)

Date: October 15, 2011


Company website:

Questions for discussion:

  1. Which leaf of Handy’s Shamrock Organization do workers like Neville Clubwala represent? Is Neville consistent with Handy’s notion of the portfolio worker? If so, how? Is the TaskRabbit idea scalable (i.e., could it be expanded)?
  2. How does the TaskRabbit model of business address the changing nature of organizations?
  3. With dot com businesses springing up everywhere, what is TaskRabbit’s competitive advantage? Is it sustainable?
  4. Conduct a very basic SWOT analysis for TaskRabbit. What are the strengths of the business? What are the opportunities? Do strengths match up with opportunities in this case?


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