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Description: Long-range forecasts suggest a decline in the unemployment rate due to a number of aging workers leaving the workforce. While this is good overall for the economy, let’s consider it from the standpoint of individual companies.


Source: J. Lahart, “Aging Population Eases Jobless Rate,” Wall Street Journal

Date: November 4, 2011

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Questions for discussion:

  1. The opening chapter describes talent as a key factor of working today. Discuss the importance of talent from the standpoint of competitive advantage. Do believe talent is becoming more or less important for American companies? Why?
  2. What SWOT elements could be affected by changes in the pool of available workers?
  3. What aspects of the human resource management process are affected by the trend reported in the article?
  4. Do retiring older workers and fewer available workers put more pressure on external or internal recruitment? If you respond internal, discuss the impact on training and development.


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