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Description: Fast food giant Wendy’s, the number three chain in America, is looking to rebound from years of lackluster performance following the death of founder Dave Thomas in 2002. Former Wendy’s exec Emil Brolick was hired recently as CEO and charged with restoring the company’s image.

Source: T. Turner, “Wendy’s Works to Restore ‘Luster’ Under New Leadership,” Columbus Dispatch

Date: November 17, 2011

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Questions for discussion:

  1. What is Wendy’s competitive advantage? Is it sustainable?
  2. Identify the grand and other strategies suggested by Wendy’s recent actions and statements.
  3. The video associated with this topic is simply one of the latest Wendy’s advertisements. However, it speaks to Wendy’s strategy. How is Wendy’s trying to position itself vis-à-vis its competitors? What business-level strategy is represented?
  4. How do greater involvement of the Thomas family and bringing back Emil Brolick as CEO speak to the issues of strategic control and strategic leadership?


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