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Description: In the latest episode of poor sports(manship), players from the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University prematurely ended their basketball game by fighting.

Source: A. Katz, “Cincinnati, Xavier Reveal Suspensions,” ESPN

Date: December 11, 2011

Article Link: (see also

Questions for discussion:

  1. Reports suggest that tensions started when players from both teams began using Twitter to “call out” the other team. What communication barriers came into play?
  2. What type of conflict is represented by this rivalry? The fight?
  3. Review both the actions taken and potential future remedies. What structural approaches have been/will be implemented?
  4. Was the discipline that followed the game fair, consistent, and systematic? Was it progressive? Was it consistent with the “hot stove rules?” Explain. What do you think about Cincinnati Coach Mick Cronin’s additional measures?

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