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Description: With no permanent replacement since the firing of CEO Carol Bartz, many at Yahoo are questioning the direction of the company. Internally, employees see reasons to stay, but worry that the lack of leadership signals the company is not in a position to compete with rivals.



Source: A. Efrati, “Yahoo Battles Brain Drain,” Wall Street Journal

Date: December 5, 2011

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Questions for discussion:

  1. Review the various ways for compensating employees beyond base pay and compare these with the benefits mentioned in the article. How is Yahoo doing? Is this enough to keep employees motivated and productive? Why or why not?
  2. Check out the definition for leadership then discuss why the lack of a permanent replacement for former CEO Carol Bartz is causing problems at Yahoo.
  3. You can have loads of talent (as Yahoo does), but vision is necessary to get that talent moving in the right direction. Comment. How is the leadership situation at Yahoo affecting this?


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