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Description: Video interviews with a variety of Minnesota residents reveals general advantages and disadvantages of today’s technologies.

Source: J. Graham, “Most Say Technology Has Improved Our Lives,” USA Today

Date: December 2, 2011

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Questions for discussion:

  1. Look at the definition for technology. Discuss the ways technology changes over time and how these changes moved our economy from predominantly manufacturing-based to service-based. Does technology produce the change or is it a result of the change?
  2. Now review the definition for productivity. Has technology improved our productivity? If yes, in what ways (remember the definition)? If no, why not?
  3. Without doubt, access to relatively low-cost digital technologies has its advantages, but what about competitive advantages? Identify ways that technology produces competitive advantages for companies. Try to think about successful companies that are capitalizing on the unique benefits of today’s technology (as users not as providers). It might help to review the definition for value creation before responding.


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