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Description:  The National Labor Relations Board has declared that employees have the right to discuss their working conditions online, even if they use harsh language or insults. In other words, disgruntled workers among us are legally protected by federal regulators to bellyache about their companies and oppressive bosses on Facebook (FB), just as if by a water cooler, without fearing a pink slip—but only if the comments fit specific legal requirements as outlined in the National Labor Relations Act.


Date: Jan 24, 2013


Questions for Discussions: 

  • What is the law concerning employees rights and the use of social media?
  • Do you think the judgement was correct?
  • Do you think employees should be concerned about their use of social media to complain about their work environment, despite legal protection?
  • How should management set policy for their firms as to the proper use of social media by employees?

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