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Description: The Internet’s last decade and a half of development as a forum for short, zippy, and often snarky writing has taken place in large part on platforms built by Ev Williams. A farm boy from Clarks, Neb., Williams, 41, dropped out of the University of Nebraska and worked his way west to California, first as a copywriter and then, once he’d taught himself enough, as a freelance coder. He founded the pioneering blogging network Blogger in the late 1990s, giving anyone with a stray thought a way to express it to the vast audiences flocking online. He sold that company for an undisclosed amount to Google (GOOG) in 2003 before going on to co-create Twitter, which initiated the era of disembodied 140-character snippets.


Date: August 22, 2013


Questions for Discussions:

  • What similarities are there in the businesses run by Ev Willliams?
  • Do you think the strategic plan for Medium makes sense?


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