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Description: On Oct. 29, the newly appointed chief executive officer of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO), Daniel Dienst, spoke publicly for the first time during an earnings conference call. It was not a cheery occasion. During the third quarter, the company had lost $4.3 million. Falling publishing revenues had once again eclipsed growth in merchandising. Moving forward, Dienst said, he was prepared to make tough decisions that should have been made long ago. His lack of experience in retail and media would be an asset, he argued, not a liability. “I’m not burdened by history,” he said.


Date: Jan 16, 2014


Questions for Discussions:

  • Summarize the managerial problems facing Daniel Dienst.
  • What does the report say about his orientation to solving these issues?
  • What would you advise him to do?

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