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Description: The fast food industry thrives in most of the world. Chains like McDonald’s and Burger King typically come out on top in the $651 billion fast food industry. In Vietnam, however, the brands have failed to take off. McDonald’s and Burger King have more than 36,000 and 16,000 locations across the globe, respectively. But in Vietnam, McDonald’s has 17 stores and Burger King has 13. In Vietnam, a country spoiled for choice when it comes to food, some U.S. fast food chains are struggling to compete with the local competition.

Why McDonald’s and Burger King are failing in Vietnam from CNBC.

Source: – video report

Date: Sep 13, 2018


Questions for discussion:

  • Why are fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King having such a hard time growing in Viet Nam?
  • What strategies would you recommend to management in order to improve growth and adoption by consumers?