The euro dream that became a nightmare

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Description:   When countries post a 40% youth unemployment rate, you know something is terribly wrong. The last time developed countries experienced such an employment disaster was during the Great Depression, and it is a moot question as to whether the current period will prove to be worse for the southern European countries than the Great… Read more »

Bringing the Right Recipe to Style Blogging

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Description:  Style blog Cupcakes and Cashmere has become a destination for fashionistas from around the world. Wendy Bounds talks to founder and author Emily Schuman about the secrets behind her success. Source: – video report Date: 02/14/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Why is Emily Shuman a success? What lessons are presented to entrepreneurs… Read more »

How Millennial Men React to Mobile Ads

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Description:  eMarketer estimates that the number of US smartphone users will rise 44% this year to over 106 million. And as these users continue to do more activities on their phones, their likelihood of exposure to mobile advertising becomes assured. Source: Date: 02/13/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: What does this research suggest to… Read more »

Japan’s geezers turned gamers

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Description:  Japan a nation known for its aging population, arcades have become popular with Japan’s elderly, prompting some to even host ‘senior nights.’ Source: – video report Date: 02/08/2012 Link:   Questions for discussion: How have demographic changes in Japan affected business? What are some ideas you would suggest to the management of… Read more »

Auto Makers Target Indonesia for Expansion

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Description: Indonesia is being embraced as a major expansion market for car manufacturers, but will the country’s infrastructure bottlenecks hinder their progress? WSJ’s Deborah Kan discusses with Eric Bellman. Source: – video report Date: 02/10/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Describe the connection between corporate investing and government investing in infrastructure? What are the… Read more »

An Idea for Fixing Education: Skip College, Work at a Startup

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Description:  Skip college, work at a startup. That’s the idea behind a new two-year program called Enstittue that started accepting applications Tuesday. Source: Date: 02/02/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: What do you think of these arguments for learning on the job? For which careers is attending college a better choice for more efficient… Read more »