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Snowville Creamery is a small dairy located in Southeastern Ohio. The creamery began when John Taylor, a life-long dairyman, grew frustrated with industry practices and the taste of commercial milk. Taylor partnered with Bill Dix and Stacy Hall to develop a sustainable dairy to serve local markets.


  1. What elements of the story suggest that John Taylor and, to a lesser degree, Bill Dix and Stacy Hall are entrepreneurs?
  2. Although the article does not indicate, what form of ownership is Snowville Creamery? What other forms are possible and why might they be considered?
  3. Taylor used a typical method for financing the business. What method did he choose? Double check the amount acquired to start this business. Do you have any concerns? What does this suggest about the nature of entrepreneurship?

SOURCE: E. Christensen, “Udder-ly Fresh,” Columbus Dispatch (Retrievable online at

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