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The nature of business today – shrinking workforces and increasing responsibilities – makes it difficult for employees to focus. Mobile technologies add to the distraction. Once attention has been diverted from a task, it can take as long as 20 minutes to get restarted. The article offers a couple of simple suggestions to help retain focus. More importantly, it gives readers a chance to consider the implications for decision making.


  1. It rarely comes as a surprise any more, when we are talking about a task, that someone in the group says “Did you know there is an app (smart phone application) for that?” Discuss ways that over-availability of information might impede decision making in organizations.
  2. The text makes it clear that information technology changes relationships within and without the organizations. Let’s consider changes on a more fundamental level (as implied by the article). What are the pros and cons of on-the-go (i.e., always in your hand/pocket) information technology?
  3. Are multi-dimensional thinking and multi-tasking the same? Discuss.

SOURCE: R. Pulfer, “Multi-Tasking: Tuning Out the Noise,” Canadian Business (Retrievable online at

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