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Entrepreneurial activity has been increasing slightly each year during the three years of recession. The paths to business ownership taken by four individuals are chronicled and provide a nice case study in entrepreneurship.


  1. Discuss how Rino Greenwood’s story parallels that of Anita Roddick in your text. What are the common entrepreneurial elements in the stories of Greenwood, Lauryn Chun, and Jack D’Alelio?
  2. Review the research on the characteristics of entrepreneurs. Which of these are confirmed by the article? Are any of the characteristics called into question?
  3. Your text implies that necessity-based entrepreneurship is associated with minority status. Should we broaden our understanding of what creates necessity-based entrepreneurship? Why or why not?

SOURCE: L. Petrecca, “Recession Inspires People to Start Own Businesses,” USA Today (Retrievable online at

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