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After delaying an announcement for more than a week, Sony finally admitted its network had been hacked, compromising the data of 77 million users of PlayStation and potentially putting their credit information at risk. The backlash was immediate. In its defense, Sony argued the delay was necessary to give the company time to conduct investigations. Consumers, already weary from Toyota’s delays and denials, seem less forgiving.


  1. Based on information reported in the article, assess the effectiveness and efficiency of Sony’s communication on the security breach. What advice would you give the company regarding how it handled the situation?
  2. Has Sony’s communication been persuasive? Why or why not? (Why) Does this matter?
  3. What communication barriers are evident at Sony?
  4. [CHAPTER 5] Does national culture have anything to do with Toyota’s and Sony’s reluctance to provide full disclosures about their problems? What elements of culture might influence Sony’s response to its situation?

SOURCE: T. Kelly, “Hacked Sony Risks Repeating Toyota’s PR Gaffes,” Globe and Mail (Retrievable online at

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