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Description: Apple, the company known for its innovative devices like the iPod and iPhone, now wants to shift storage away from specific devices and needs experts to help develop a solution.

Source: J. E. Vascellaro, “At Apple, Cloud Experts Wanted,” Wall Street Journal

Date: November 23, 2011

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Questions for discussion:

  1. Review the definition for intellectual capital in the opening chapter. Why is recruiting Cloud experts such a big deal for Apple? Why must they win the battle (against Google and Facebook) to get these individuals?
  2. Apple wants to recruit this expertise all the way up to the senior level. Review the manager’s job as an information processor and discuss why it is important for Apple to recruit beyond entry-level positions.
  3. As the article reports, Apple is responding to consumer demand. The company is attempting to recruit problem solvers. Would you characterize the situation, for Apple, as a performance deficiency or a performance opportunity? Why?


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