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Description: Hail a yellow cab in New York City today, and you could be stepping into a dog’s breakfast of vehicles, ranging from a cavernous Toyota (TM) Sienna minivan to a claustrophobic Ford Escape crossover. After climbing into the rear seat, you may find yourself nostalgic for a yellow Crown Victoria, an obsolete sedan that had been in production for 20 years when Ford (F, Fortune 500) discontinued it in 2011. But chances are you won’t be sliding your fanny into very many Nissan NV200s, the one-time “taxi of tomorrow” that now has only a slim chance of becoming a taxi of today.


Date: Oct 18, 2013


Questions for Discussions:

  • Why did this project fail?
  • What damage has been done to the Nissan brand?
  • What would an ideal taxi look like?

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