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Description: Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation – Episode #765 – Host: Mitch Joel. Welcome to the our second-ever live podcast recoding from Clubhouse (the new social audio app that is all the rage these days). This conversation was recorded on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021. Our conversation this week is with someone I met many moons back on the speaking circuit, Kat Cole. Kat is a true force of nature. Many know her from her appearance on Undercover Boss, while most in the corporate world know the story of how she went from being a Hooters hostess out high school to becoming one of the executive vice presidents at Hooters of America. This lead her on a spectacular ascent to the role of President at Focus Brands (the holding company of Jamba, Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, Carvel, Shlotzsky’s, and many more), where she recently left. Kat is a seasoned executive and leader with deep expertise building global brands, businesses, and high performing teams. Now, she is focused on a few areas, including being a board member for both corporate and non-profit organizations, an investor and advisor, and someone who is also passionate about creating compelling content to help businesses grow and do better for the world. Kat has her Substack newsletter, Checking In With Kat Cole, and holds regular events and office hours in Clubhouse (where she commands an impressive following of over one million fans). Most recently she has launched, Audio Collective, along with forty other founding members/creators, as an agency to helps brands get more engaged in the Clubhouse community. Enjoy the conversation…

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Date: Mar 07, 2021


Questions for discussion:

  • Summarize the key ideas discussed in the podcast.
  • What can business managers take away from the discussion with Kat Cole?