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Description: Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation – Episode #814 – Host: Mitch Joel. He is the Milton Steinbach Professor at the Yale School of Management, where he has taught for over thirty years. Barry Nalebuff is an expert on game theory, he has written extensively on its application to business strategy. His bestselling books include, Thinking Strategically, The Art of Strategy, and Mission in a Bottle. He advised the NBA in their negotiations with the Players Association and several firms in major M&A transactions. His latest book is called, Split The Pie – A Radical New Way To Negotiate. Barry has been teaching the Split the Pie method to MBAs and execu tives at Yale and online at Coursera. His Introduction to Negotiation course has over 350,000 enrolled students and a 4.9/5.0 rating. He is also a serial entrepreneur; his ventures include Honest Tea, Kombrewcha, and Real Made Foods. A graduate of MIT, a Rhodes Scholar, and a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, Barry earned his doctorate at Oxford University. Enjoy the conversation…

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Date: Feb 13, 2022


Questions for discussion:

  • What are the key ideas presented by Barry Nalebuff?
  • How does this thinking compare to traditional arguments?
  • What do you think of his ideas and strategies?